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Compassion and Integrity for seniors living in Long Term Care

Compassion and Integrity for seniors living in Long Term CareCompassion and Integrity for seniors living in Long Term CareCompassion and Integrity for seniors living in Long Term Care

Brookhaven Assisted Care


Update Regarding Enhanced Safety Measures

As we navigate the changes brought about by the spread of COVID-19, we want you to know that, above all else, we remain committed to the safety and well-being of our employees and residents.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve intensified cleaning practices in our home and have issued health and safety guidance for our employees and residents to follow within our home. As we work to keep our home clean and virus free, we’ve made a number of changes to further promote health and safety.

  • Brookhaven is closed to all but medical, direct care and housekeeping staff. All deliveries go though the basement following strict protocols.
  • Admissions are closed until further notice. We have a full house of 34.     Applications will be emailed or mailed. You may call   774-200-1539 or 508-612-7525 to speak directly to an admissions coordinator.
  • Staff hygiene practices: Our staff has been instructed in proper hand washing procedures and to cover all sneezes and coughs. 
  • Personal protective equipment: Although the CDC does not require our team to use gloves or masks, we are actively sourcing personal protective equipment (gloves and masks) for our employees and residents to use, upon request. We have an ample supply of sanitizers and disinfecting products. 
  • Physical distancing: We remind our employees and residents to maintain a safe distance – at least 6 feet – from one another whenever possible. Residents are taking advantage of video chatting as well as writing cards and letters to families and friends. 
  • Home cleanliness and safety: To enhance our already robust cleaning measures, we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and are disinfecting surfaces throughout the day.  


 Safety remains our highest priority.


Thank You to our staff for their dedication and hard work. Thank you to our families and residents for helping us get through these tough times. We  continue to encourage inquiries and applications.



Brookhaven is proud of 52 years of 24 hour care that make it possible for many seniors to live in a homelike setting while receiving complete Medical Management.  Local doctors and VNAs, as well as a dedicated Service Team, provide services  and care that allows elders to be as independent as they can be.  



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